Nani Shared The Old Manchester United Team

Having left Old Trafford for a long time, midfielder Luis Nani has been linked with a heartfelt interest in Manchester United. Nani is expecting the best from the old team. After a disappointing start to the season, the Red Devils are back in good spirits, with consecutive victories. In the middle of this week, master Jose Mourinho beat Juventus in the lead, in the lead and completely overwhelmed.

“I hope they continue to do well and get good results,” said teammate Luis Nani. This is another time, under the guidance of another coach, the team is different – so you can see the spirit of MU not as in the past. When I was playing there, sometimes we did not have good performances, but at the end, we proved we could do things that other teams did not. Within the last 15 minutes, we only attacked and attacked. We swim a lot and that is the spirit of the Reds. ”

“But at the moment, they still have great players and will continue to improve in the future. Manchester United have a class coach, so I hope the team will return to its peak “- midfielder Luis Nani shared about MU
With that, the Portuguese also gave encouragement Danny Welbeck – the player suffered a terrible injury this morning. Nani talked about his former teammate: “It was a bad moment, I felt so sorry for him. Danny is a great guy, a good friend, terrible things that still happen in matches and this is the part of any game. I do not know what to say, just hope he returns to the pitch as soon as possible. Looking forward to nothing serious, I wish Danny the best and he is will be fine very soon.”

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