Luis Nani Talks About This Career At Manchester United And Praises Alex Ferguson

Luis Nani has worn the Manchester United jersey with some unforgettable victories made some explanations about their career. The Portuguese have had 47 official games in the 2015-16 season in his blue-yellow uniform. As a matter of fact, he scored 12 goals as assist goal performer.

All throughout his career apart from the Super League, the Portuguese League, Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A experience of Nani. He also found the ambiance in league football for assessing the Turkey fans.

He says that football is like a culture. Every country has a different perspective when it comes to football. He believes that he has enjoyed a great football atmosphere in his Turkish career. While playing in the inner field, heaven is just like a hell tournament when someone plays away. Football in Italy, Portugal, and Spain is pretty similar to Latin America when it comes to social status. However, these experiences have been pretty great for him.

Nani also spoke about his Manchester United days. He says it is one of the biggest clubs in the world and it was really a great playing there. He has several fond memories related to Manchester United. After the departure of Ferguson, he couldn’t find much luck and then he was told by Van Gaal that he had a good chance of performing at 11. This was the time to break loose. According to him, the worst day that he had while he was at Manchester United was the day when Ferguson left.

Alex Ferguson had transferred him to Manchester United and he was all praise of this Scottish footballer. He sees him as a father and says that he had been pretty inspiring and passionate. He was honest to be it good times or bad. Initially, he found it difficult to work with Ferguson but when he got to know him, he started liking him better.