Vitor Pereira reckons if fortune had favoured Celtic a little bit

Vitor Pereira, the manager of Fenerbahce, reckons if fortune had favoured Celtic a little bit, they would not have been in such sort of miserable position in European Football at this point of time.

Celtic’s campaign in Europa League 2015-16 has not gone smoothly at all.

They are yet to register a win in the group stage of the tournament.

The two points that they have got presently have come by the virtue of two draws that they have played.

Now, it’s certain that regardless of the outcome of their last match which they have to play versus Fenerbahce, they would end up at the bottommost position in Group A.

Even if they emerge victorious in that match on Thursday, they would be able to take their total number of points to five only and it would not be enough for them to climb up the standings.
But, for Fenerbahce, that game is so very important. They need at least one point from that game, otherwise, they might suffer elimination.

A win would be ideal for the Turkish club, but, they would not want anything less than a draw.

If they lose and Ajax wins against Molde, the tournament would finish for them as well.

According to Pereira, it would be tough work for his players as the Celts would put in huge effort to restore pride.

In the words of the 47-year old Portuguese, “The standard of Celtics as a team is much, much higher than the numbers are showing at the moment. Had luck been by their side, they would perhaps have been in a different position.”

“There is no question of taking them lightly. We know their capability. They would be even more dangerous this time as they are eager to prove a point.”