Ac.Milan’s resurgence to Europe will take time

It’s been 2 seasons since Ac.Milan has last managed to compete in a European competition and for a club which is consistently one of the highest spenders of Italy, this is disastrous news for them. Carlos Bacca, Alessio Romagnoli, Andrea Bertolacci, Luis Adriano and Juraj Kucka are some of the latest arrivals to San Siro.

Just by taking account the previously mentioned players, Silvio Berlusconi has spent around €86 million during the previous summer transfer window. Sinisa Mihajlovic was appointed as the head coach of Ac.Milan back in June of 2015 and so far it’s been a bumpy ride for the Serbian manager as he has pushed the Italian side to the 6th spot of Serie A after 17 league matches have been played.

Silvio Berlsuconi is the owner of Ac.Milan and he is eager to see his club competing once again in the top European competitions which they have failed to accomplish in the past few years.

Berlusconi’s frustration were clearly evident during a political party where he managed to voice his feelings towards Ac.Milan and about their current situation. The 79 year old Italian politician said: “I’m still in love with Milan and just think that I even spent €150 million this year wouldn’t you be furious? And yet I don’t know when we are going to get back to winning things. Aren’t you furious too?”

It’s been over 6 months since Sinisa Mihajlovic was appointed as the head coach of Ac.Milan and so far its been a rocky road for the Serbian manager who might be in risk of being sacked depending on the results that he is able to get within the upcoming few months or maybe even weeks.

There are already a list of managers who are rumored of taking up the coaching position of the Italian club but if Silvio Berlusconi and his team does decide to remove Sinisa Mihajlovic from the hot seat, this will only do more harm than good and it would just be a better option for him to stay in charge and give the Serbian coach enough time for him to find a system that can propel Ac.Milan to the top spots of Serie A.

Roberto Mancini was going through an underwhelming 2nd half of the previous year as the head coach of Inter Milan but things have taken a huge turn for the better in this new season and in this current season, Inter Milan are at the top and this might be what Ac.Milan needs to do, develop a new system and give their manager enough breathing room for them to make mistakes but learn from them as well instead of sacking them after a short period of time