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Nani Reflects On His Career

Luis Nani was able to leave his fans in Manchester City in awe which is something that does not happen often. He is known to be a forward with many skills and the total number of appearances he has made for the club has been 230. He has also won several trophies during this stint. Among them have been four titles of the Premier League. He has also been part of the success that the team brought in when they won the finals of the Champions League in the year 2008. Here he was able to succeed in a penalty shootout.

Nani was unable to reach his potential’s maximum limit at Old Trafford which many experts feel. This is something that Rio Ferdinand hinted on in 2017. He stated that there are players in your team who have great abilities but are often not put to the right usage or given the right opportunities. Nani had been a player with much potential but he was sidetracked. He was a great shooter and could do it on left as well as right with great skills. However, he lacked consistency. He is currently with Sporting Lisbon. There was a recent question and answer round on Twitter with the player and here the Portugal International was posed several questions, many of which referred to his career days in Manchester United.
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