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Man United Interested in Bruno Fernandes after Luis Nani

It seems Manchester United is quite interested to take up players from Portugal. Information is there that they are in talks with Bruno to join them very soon and they are sparked with excitement to get this talented footballer from Portugal for their club. The midfielder, known for his sporting nature might make a move to the side of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.



Before Bruno, the same turn came for Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani, when they got the chance to play for Manchester United club. They were selected by Sir Alex Ferguson to become a part of such an incredible legacy in the North West side of England when they were attacking players with no proof. But when they came and joined the club, they started to prove themselves in less time than the time spent by them in Old Trafford.

Luis Nani became an overnight sensation and a hero for Manchester United on his own power and right as he appeared in a total of 230 matches for the club and won 12 trophies for the same within a span of eight years. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo would win almost everything that came his way and that was offered to him in Real Madrid before leaving. That made him easier to strengthen his name as one of the greatest players who have played some of the toughest games for the sport.

As for Fernandes, he feels that he should not be compared or treated as Ronaldo or Nani. He said he finds it difficult to define himself as a player because he shuffles between being a midfielder, a second striker, or even a playmaker. His major strength is versatility and he wants to maintain it. Bruno Fernandes wants to play for a position in which he is needed the most or one which is useful for the game.

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Manchester United Nani Uncovers the Required Change

Man Utd. needs to make small improvements to their frame of mind on the pitch in case that they are going to test for real distinctions sooner rather than later, as indicated by previous Red Devil Nani. United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will significantly redesign his squad this mid-year, with a huge number of players expected to leave the club. He will, in any case, face a troublesome errand to bring in top players to Old Trafford given the club’s absence in Champions League football.

United’s present crisis significantly disheartens Nani, who trusts the needs of Solskjaer to change his troops’ mindset just as players get equipped for improving his group. The Portuguese said that Manchester United is in need of top players. It is necessary to change their mind on the field.
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