Nani speaking of football

Luis Nani has stated that football has prevented him from going stray and falling into trouble.

He said that he had some negative peer pressure in the area where he was living as a child, and it is only through football that he managed to escape these problems.

He admitted that he did some wrong things as a kid as he did not know what he was doing but said that he left everything when it was time to play football. He believes that without football he will have had a difficult life, and he may have ended with all kinds of troubles.

Luis Nani said that his life is an example of how football can take you out of your problem and that he does not lose a single opportunity to talk with others about the benefit of football. He says that he always talk to his son about his life, and he wants him to know that life is not easy and that you should always work hard to achieve something.

For Nani, it is easy to forget that we are living in a difficult world and that you always need to remember where you came from. He said that for his son it might not mean anything as he has been used to get everything he wants.

Luis Nani said that the best moment of his career has been with Portugal when they won the Euro 2016 in France. He stated that it was an unexpected victory and that the players had to fight hard in order to win the tournament. He said that it was always his dream to win a title with his country and that he was proud that he could manage to win the Euros in France.

Nani said that is a pleasure for him to be playing with Valencia and believes that the team can achieve great things this season.