Nani on life under Moyes

Luis Nani said that he is disappointed with the way things turned out under David Moyes.

He was hoping to have a great career with Manchester United and instead find himself spending more time on the bench than on the pitch.

Nani said that he could not understand the manager at that time. Indeed with the appointment of David Moyes at the head of Manchester United he was given a five-year contract with the club, but things changed just after. He could not get into the team and only managed to start seven games during the season.

He said that he was discouraged at this time as he feels he was playing well and that he was fit enough to be in the first team. He added that things did not change against Louis Van Gaal either. He said that when the Dutch manager took control of the club, he told him that he will have to fight for his place and that he will not be his first-choice winger.

Luis Nani said that he fell at this moment that he will have to leave the club if he wants to continue his development. He went on loan to Sporting before signing a contract with Fenerbahce. He admitted that he was in a negative mood with all that had happened in England and this was impacting his performance.

Fortunately for him, he got some good people around him at Fenerbahce that allow him to regain his confidence as well as his form. He stated that he would forever be grateful for the staff at Fenerbahce that allowed him to come back to his best level.

He said that his only regrets were that things did not work well under David Moyes as he would have love to continue his career at Manchester United.